[PHOTO] Schonlau, M., Fricker R., Elliott, M. "Conducting Research Surveys via E-Mail and the Web", RAND, Santa Monica, CA. 2002, Pp. xxiv+118. ISBN 0-8330-3110-4.

" 'Conducting Research Surveys Via E-Mail And The Web' is full of useful information for anyone interested in the future of polling. " Ann Wagner

Book Review in "The Library Quarterly", April 2003
by Matthew Schall, Irving, Texas.
"Survey research is complex; even experts experience difficulties in achieving desired results. Advancements in technology, especially the advent of Web surveying with E-mail invitations and teh E-mailing of plain text surveys, have increased the number of contact methods available for survey research, further increasing the number of decisions a survey researcher needs to make. This slender volume, by Matthias Schonlau, Ronald Fricker, and Marc Elliot, Addresses how to choose the contact method for a survey and explicitly describes process steps, sources of cost, sources of error, and other elements of practical survey administration and survey research methodology. The language is generally clear and easy to understand, though technical terms, like weight, are occasionally used without explanation. As a result of brevity, clarity , and breadth, this belongs on the desk as a reference for those who are new to surveying and as a checklist for experienced researchers."

2003 Guide of University Press Books
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Amazon.com Book Review
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars
The collaborative effort of computer communications experts Matthias Schonlau, Ronald D. Fricker, Jr. and Marc N. Elliott, Conducting Research Surveys Via E-mail And The Web is a practical and accessible guide to applying the pervasiveness of the internet to the gathering of survey data in a much faster and significantly less expensive manner than traditional means of phone or mail communications. Yet online surveys have their own pitfalls that can adversely skew data results. Individual chapters cogently address how to take maximum advantage of the Internet while preserving data integrity, and provide an invaluable look at the future of internet-based survey methods. Simply put, Conducting Research Surveys Via E-mail And The Web is a "must-read" for anyone in academia, government, social issue activism, or business who is contemplating running a survey through the use of electronic mail or a webpage.

The book is available on Amazon.com, but it can also be downloaded for free at the RAND web site for this book.

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